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Actionable Insights with Industrial-Grade Video Understanding

Unlock actionable insights with Contextual AI and our end-to-end solution for industrial video understanding. Verify completion of process steps, detect deviations, and analyze egocentric video data at a granular level. Partner with us to maximize your video data's potential and achieve impactful business outcomes. and BASF partner up to accelerate AI in industry.

Flanges are crucial components in BASF’s production plants. Improper installation can lead to leakage and costly downtime. BASF and Ramblr developed an AI-guided system to detect failure points, guiding the quality control process in the field. Ramblr's AI-powered quality control platform supports BASF's commitment to the highest quality by deploying AI where it matters - in the physical world. uses AI to Answer the Question, Who Put What Where When?

Enhance the in-car experience with AI. Embrace human-centric design for both drivers and passengers. The car can learn your preferences, gaining true contextual and spatial understanding of object relations in the physical world. Extract valuable insights from these interactions, enabling your car to notify you if you forget to bring your wallet. and partner up to accelerate AI in the pharmaceutical industry.

Document key moments in procedures with AI assistance, locate and verify critical process steps and deviations from standard protocols during auditing and quality control, and extract expert knowledge from video data to support operators. Ramblr's vision for the future of wearable AI is designed for leading companies to accelerate their AI solutions with real-world context.

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Leverage our AI assistant customized for industrial applications. Discover the power of video understanding and transform your data into actionable insights, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

Unlock precise insights and pinpoint specific moments in thousands of hours of multimodal videos by prompting the system. Ramblr's AI assistant identifies actions, key moments, relations, and provides higher-level reasoning abilities.


Go beyond superficial video analysis. Our technology extracts deep context from egocentric videos, offering a comprehensive understanding of actions, individual objects, and their relationships.

Fine-tune pre-trained models using your proprietary data. Our data engine ensures that your AI models are tailored to your specific use cases, increasing automation, temporal consistency, accuracy, and relevance.

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Start building with our AI-powered data engine and your data. Extract expert knowledge from your videos, create curated training datasets, and fine-tune models with data grounded in real-world context, making them experts in your domain.

Take advantage of unparalleled automation, precise temporal tracking of objects, and comprehensive features ranging from action and object relationship prediction to dense instance segmentation masks with our versatile video annotation platform. Benefit from scalable infrastructure that handles even the most demanding video workloads, ensuring reliability and performance.

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Explore and analyze videos and annotations. Use split screen mode to compare predictions to ground truth.

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Annotate multimodal videos with purpose-built tools and automation. Versatile and configurable to meet the specific needs of your project.

Built for scalability

Collaborate with your team on large datasets or engage our expert annotators, and track progress across your projects. We guarantee seamless scalability.

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