Enabling Contextual AI with Egocentric Data

Ramblr's data pipeline uses AI to enhance video data with expert knowledge. It improves your models by adding real-world context. Check out our demo or contact us for more info.

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Ramblr.ai and Apprentice.io partner up to accelerate AI in the pharmaceutical industry.

Document key moments in procedures with AI assistance, locate and verify critical process steps and deviations from standard protocols during auditing and quality control, and extract expert knowledge from video data to support operators. Ramblr's vision for the future of wearable AI is designed for leading companies to accelerate their AI solutions with real-world context.

What we offer

Access to expert knowledge for everyone, everywhere, and all at once

Streamline your data-centric processes with our AI-powered pipeline. Enhance your data with expert insights and curate training datasets for MLLMs and Specialist AI assistants. From data collection to model deployment, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to get started!

Extract expert knowledge

Utilize your video data, either existing or collected with Ramblr, to extract on-the-ground process insights. Optimize your workflows, build a knowledge base of domain-specific processes, and train Specialist AI assistants to support your teams with the extracted expert knowledge.

Data Collection

Capture real-world process insights with secure egocentric data collection: We manage, organize and deliver your data collection project to your specs.

Data Privacy

We ensure privacy and security throughout the data lifecycle, whether you bring existing data or collaborate with us on egocentric data collection, through secure storage and processing. You can trust that we handle personally identifiable information (PII) with care at every step.

Organize and Structure Datasets

Seamlessly enhance videos with expert knowledge using video intelligence. Efficiently manage large video datasets for data insights and downstream tasks.

Annotate Videos

Harness the power of AI-guided automated annotations to enrich your data. Create a foundational data framework to fine-tune your MLLM and Specialist AI models to your specific domain and use-cases.

Fine-tune MLLMs

Automatically generate instruction-tuning datasets grounded in video context and annotations. Fine-tune generic MLLMs with your proprietary domain-specific data.

Train Specialist AIs

Enhance your AI solutions by fine-tuning pre-trained VLMs with your proprietary domain-specific data. Customize Specialist AI models, unlocking expert knowledge within your data.

Specialist AIs can solve the one screw left problem…

Current AIs lack information for real-world, task-specific solutions. Customize LLMs with multimodal data and using Q&A pairs from Ramblr to accomplish specialized tasks. Specialist AIs can solve the one screw left problem.

Watch Part 2 on YouTube

Discover how a Specialist AI assistant can learn to solve the one-screw left problem using Ramblr's AI-assisted data pipeline.

Keyframe Identification

Ramblr’s AI identifies keyframes in videos, streamlining annotation with automation. The masks from annotated keyframes can be propagated across the entire video.

Mask Propagation

Annotations are propagated across frames. Dozens, if not hundreds, of individual frames can be propagated from  a single annotated keyframe.

Anomaly Detection

Our AI detects and corrects anomalies with minimal human intervention. If an anomaly spans multiple frames, we automatically select the best frame to correct the anomaly and propagate it to adjacent frames.

Global ID Matching

Objects are consistently annotated throughout the video, even as they move in and out of the scene. This enables AI assistants to understand videos as a whole.

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Scale Up your Projects.

Ramblr's infrastructure and tools adapt to your data requirements. Collaborate with your team on large video datasets or enlist our expert annotators, we ensure seamless scalability. Our task management system orchestrates AI processes, human annotation, and validation tasks for optimal project efficiency.

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Manage your projects on the individual task level.

What's new

Annotation KPIs Benchmark Study

The outcome of our benchmark study: annotating 1 hour of open-world Egocentric Video in just 157 hours.  With 97% of 109,370 frames automatically annotated, the average time per frame is 5.2 seconds. Quality metrics demonstrate an impressive 0.94 IOU and a 0.90 F1 score.

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Instruction-tuning One Pager

Supercharge your models’ reasoning and factual accuracy with custom instruction-tuning datasets. Ramblr’s advanced video annotations provide multimodal LLMs with precise contextual, spatial, and temporal understanding.

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